Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Drama with the Affordable Care Act

It has been some time since I last posted.  For my readers and members, I apologize.  I'm still here in Rochester NY. Concentrating on my own health and wellness has been a challenge to say the least.  Now in the news I learn the Republicans are competing with themselves over who is going to be the biggest influence for the media. 

I have been working on my own health as best I can.  I recently changed insurance companies simply to be able to receive care focused on myself as a person and not a symptom.  To do this I had to switch from Monroe County Medicare to Well Care Medicare.  The great thing is that as soon as I have been able to complete the initial visit with my new participating primary care physician, I am finally be able to continue my mental health treatment by seeing a psychiatrist who doesn't have a waiting period.  I have not been able to see a psychiatrist in regards to my medications and mental health recovery treatment since I was displaced to Monroe County from Suffolk County New York after hurricane Sandy.  The last time I was able to see my therapist was about a month ago and I had to cancel the last appointment because they don't due business with Well Care health insurance.  The reason I have been unable to see a psychiatrist is because the waiting list for psychiatrists who accept the Monroe County Medicare, is four months long.  I was informed of this waiting period last November 2012 which was 10 months ago.

Confused yet?  Watch this from  MJ reports on "Why the GOP Has Voted to Repeal Obamacare 40 Times" with Chris Mathews on Hardball.  Watch and listen to the drama of the GOP.

I couldn't believe this was the argument in Congress right now. Scary as it may seem, at the end of the day, we need to take care of ourselves whether help is available or not.

"So, what can I do about this?" is the concern for me and my family.  You may be asking yourself the same question.  I'll share with you what is underway at the Sheer Julious Network. 

UPDATE: To the brighter side of life --- Since my last post I have been making some improvements to the home front by pursuing education towards self employment.  Although my mother and I are on SSDI, a severely fixed low income, we are working together with our financial resources to do the best we can to truly recover from the devastating setback with Hurricane Sandy.

Insurance is necessary to transfer our risk of losing each other as we are both very dependent on each other.  We are truly blessed to have each other for both financial and emotional support.  Honestly I know I am not alone when I share the fact that we are surviving on the bare minimum and all we have is each other. I thank God every day.

I have been involved with a Government Funded Program called ACCES-VR which has been another blessing for us, because the employees at this program here in Rochester NY have been wonderful at supporting my desire to recover from my severe emotional breakdown and live with my Anxiety Disorder.  My ACCES-VR Counsellor has been extremely helpful with my progress towards my goal of self sufficiency. In addition to that they are helping me with the costs necessary to get a Life and Health Insurance Agent's licence. 

What better way to understand the laws and availability of insurance than to become licenced by the State of New York to represent products offered by various insurance companies.  It is required by law that once licenced an Insurance Agent must complete a minimum of 15 hours of Continuing Education as well.

This is going to be a wonderful addition to the Nutrition information I will be sharing once I complete my education with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and become a certified health and wellness coach.

What does this mean for the Sheer Julious Network?  If I know, then you can know too. Remember, the Sheer Julious Network was created by me to help others to help themselves.  I share my story and my experiences in hopes that I can help others to learn how they can overcome obstacles of life that interfere with a desire to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.   Being financially independent, I believe, is very important. For those of us who have had to endure more than our fair share of obstacles towards success. I work hard to build the Sheer Julious Network to be a means to the end of  the under-privileged statistics.  We all live on this plant together and we are all human beings.  We can not survive without each other.

I ask Politicians one simple question.  What is more important for the benefit of all Americans?  A decent peaceful, healthy life in the American Dream, or who wins the pissing contest?