Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Re-Program Your Mind to Take Care Of You

How do we become who we are as an adult?  We are born to learn from the day of our first breath. Depending on our family traditional history, social status and current events; we are programmed to have children, run business, get educated for jobs and careers, or accept the status quo of our previous generations.  I found an explanation of Social Programming from

Social programming is the set of instructions each of us learned to fit in with society. Our family members, school teachers, and peer groups were all part of the socialization process. The long-term affect of this socialization is that we seek external approval and external goals in our lives.

 "Social Programming" affects all of us. It can cause symptoms of major depression and stress disorders. Ask any health professional and they will confirm, "Stress" is the number one cause of most any illness, especially Heart disease. 

We all live with some type of expectation within our lives and how we feel we need to be perceived by our peers and society as a whole. We are subconsciously programmed to judge people by their differences in lifestyle, Race, and economic status. As a social society we restrict ourselves through our emotions about the opinions and assumed presumptions of people around us. 

Public Records, and Credit Reporting Agencies document our status with numbers and statistical averages that dictate what we can purchase and what we get charged borrow money to purchase the things we need to sustain our living environment. People with less, pay more. However not all financial hardships are the fault of the person who is named is on the bill. It is what it is, unfortunately. Punished are the innocent for the actions of the guilty and the greedy. It seems in today's society you are predominately guilty when accused by a person or entity of "socially perceived" higher status. If you are a person of a "socially perceived" lower status, you could pay much more for your needs; with your time, money, or your life. Most "socially perceived" lower status individuals tend to accept a lower standard of life as acceptable as well. This is a perfect example of "Social Programming". As we work towards equal pay for women and the overdue re-evaluation of necessities to the cost of living for today's society, the struggle to survive can seem overwhelming and devastating to people like myself. 

I say this in regards to my own personal experiences, knowing I am not alone. I often see the world as very frightening. But, I am someone who has survived domestic violence and abuse since childhood. I am diagnosed with Domestic PTSD. I need to take each day as it comes and continue to learn as much as I can about this illness and how to live with the disability.  As I build this blog, I plan to share what I've learned and hope to help others by sharing my story.

We are all different in some way in addition to our similarities. None of us have the exact same reactions to the exact same environments. Mentally, physically, emotionally; we are, and we are not not exactly the same. I believe we are all emotionally affected by our experiences. Some of us have the ability to manipulate our emotions and control projected reactions to experiences in our lives.  Those of us who don't, can try to learn if they choose to. 

I am always working to developed my strengths and better understand my weaknesses. My experiences have taught me,  people who survive a traumatic experience, such as a major environmental catastrophe, crime, and/or abuse; coping skills will differ with each individual. Although studies have shown extensive similarities in symptoms, they should only be considered a starting point for diagnosing and treating the sufferer. I believe continued therapy and fine tuning to ones own treatment is necessary to achieve any kind of healing and recovery. The deep personal effects vary with each person. This is largely due to age, sex, race, economic status, genetics and personal life experiences. We should expect the emotional reaction or behavior from each survivor of such trauma to vary as well.  

Searching for and finding the help that works for you is a long process and can be very difficult. Getting Mental Health help is heavily dependent on where you live, and what is available to you; in addition to the discriminatory social status and ignorant treatment towards the mentally ill by most laymen. Hence the reason most suffers don't seek help, or want to acknowledge they or a family member may be suffering a mental illness or disorder. It becomes a skeleton in the family closet, and rarely, in never discussed. 

Re-Programming your mind to take care of you, is something only you can achieve for yourself. To accomplish this you must make a conscience decision to honestly self reflect. Write your thoughts about yourself down so you can look at the likes and dislikes on paper in front of you. Take control of who you have become and be well with it.   I've met people who pride themselves in being a deliberate "Asshole" while others flip to the extreme and are comfortable being someones doormat. Accepting abuse, neglect, and hardship as an way of life.  

Of course this is easier said than done, so I'm sharing a YouTube channel I follow with my readers.  If you care about who you are and who you have become, or want to become, you must first take a look at yourself and honestly see the person you are. Not the person you show others.  Not the person someone told you, they see. You need to know the person you know yourself to be. If you decide you are not satisfied with who your are, or your life and how it's progressing or deteriorating, you should consider doing this for yourself. 

I invite you to check out C J Ortiz, The Metal Motivator . His work, along with other resources I use,  gives me the ability to never give up on myself no matter how often my current situation changes, challenges me, or delays the progress towards my goals. 

Life is Merciless So Show No Mercy is the video that helped me consider my own life and self reflect. I started following C J Ortiz around the time I decided to began this blog. Stuff continues to happen.  I feel I'm finally settled and in a place in my life where I'm feeling brave enough to open thoughts to my readers. I'm learning what I can and continuing to work on in my life as a person who has survived and continues to survive. I love metal music, of course. The Metal Motivator is very inspiring to me and speaks to me on a realistic level. I focus on whats good for me and I hope to help others do what's good for them. 

Thank you for taking the time learn a little about Sheer Julious

Final thought: We are who we allow ourselves to be.